It’s Valentine’s Day. Will you stay in or go out?

As you may or may not know, It’s Valentine’s day readers!

It has become a day to express your affection for that special person. But don’t forget, it’s also the day to appreciate friends, family, and loved ones in general. You’re faced with the question to Stay In or Go out?! Be pampered or get creative? What are you doing? Are you celebrating?

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Valentine’s Day Ideas!!

It’s that special day of the year where you and your valentine express your feelings for one another and try and have a day to remember. Why not make a drink in the mean time? Lucky for you we found a couple of great drink recipes for you and your sweetheart to sip on.

First up is the Vanilla Crush.

With a taste reminiscent of a orange cream soda, this is a nice refreshing drink that will definitely sneak up on you unexpectedly if you’re in to that kind of thing.

Ingredients:Vanilla Crush

-1.5 oz  Smirnoff Vanilla flavored Vodka 25 oz per bottle.

-3 oz. oz lemon- lime soda

-A splash of Orange Juice

Lastly comes the Ciroc Royal Grape.

Definitely a celebratory type of drink, this gives you that relaxing taste all while adding a splash of sexy with an interesting vodka and champagne combo you’ll thoroughly enjoy.


-1 oz. Ciroc Vodka (25 oz. per bottle)

-1 oz. White grape juice

-A splash of champagne

-And if you like toppings, a grape on top

These drink ideas will definitely get your night going strong. Now add the chocolate covered strawberries and well.. just get it over with now. You’re welcome.


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