Family Fun for Adults Too…But How!?

Who says that when it’s kids day out you cant have fun as well?!!

If you are looking for some family fun and an all around good time, stop by John’s Incredible Pizza Company.  Yes, John’s Incredible Pizza Company!! This place has a host of games, rides, and activities for the whole family, including a bowling alley, mini golf, laser maze, bumper cars, and even a spinning swing ride. Did I mention the food and drinks are well… INCREDIBLE!!!

On the Menu…

John’s offers a buffet fully equipped with a full pasta and salad bar, dessert, and exotic pizza choices such as Macaroni and Cheese Pizza, Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza, and Garlic Pesto Pepperoni…

The Bar also offers a good selection of wine and beer…

Which means even MORE FUN for you (and the other adults in the party).

So the next time you have to baby-sit or have family in town take the matter of fun into your own hands, suggest John’s Incredible Pizza Company!


-James, Blog Administrator/Designer


Ju So Yummy!

Shout out to all the locals and college students in Riverside who love pizza and a thirst quenching drink…because Jafang  Pizza is the place to be!  With its delicious handmade pizzas and unlimited amount of options for drinks, Jafang’s has become one of my favorite hot spots in Riverside.   What makes this place even cooler is that you are allowed to play beer pong.  So if there is no party and want to play beer pong, just grab a drink at Jafang’s and play with your friends.  The great playlists they play makes it almost feel like you are literally at a party =)

Also, I got to try their Ju So Peachy cocktail and it was amazingly good.  The fruitiness mixed with Soju, a Korean vodka, makes this drink a one-of-a-kind!   Jafang’s has a variety of Soju cocktails to pick from if beer is not an option for you.  So grab some friends and head over to Jafang Pizza for a good and delicious time!


Monday – Saturday 3-7pm • Thursday – Saturday 3-7pm and 10pm-12am

25 cent Wings

$2.5 Domestic Pints

$8 Domestic Pitchers

$3.5 Import Pints

$10 Import Pitchers


Hala, Social Media Marketer