Whose Deal Is It Any Way!?!

F*@% the Dealer

Number of player needed:

3 or more. (The More the Merrier!!!)

Needed to play:

Deck of 52 cards and alcoholic beverage for each person. A table is preferred but, the ground is sufficient.

How to play:

The object of the game is to “F*@% the Dealer” by guessing cards correctly, making the dealer drink. Everyone sit in a circle; the dealer holds a shuffled deck of cards and looks at the card on top careful not to let anyone else see. He/she then asks the player to their left what they think the card is (the number of the card only, not the suit). If they guess right on the first try then the dealer takes ten drinks. If not then the dealer tells the player if the card if higher or lower than their guess. If they guess right on the second try then the dealer only drinks 5 drinks. If they guess wrong again then the player has to drink the difference between the card and their last guess (say the card is a 10 but the player says 7, they only drink 3 drinks). Now the card is shown and placed in the middle faced up. Leave room to line the cards up in order as the game progresses. The dealer then repeats the same guessing process with the next player. The goal of the dealer is to have three players in a row guess the card wrong so they can pass the deck to the player to their left, who becomes the dealer and starts with the next player up to guess and so on. The person who ends the deck as the dealer must take a shot!

Rules: The next dealer is always the person to the left of the current dealer.

                The next player is always the person to the left of the current player.


-Jai Herod, Analytics


Seven 11 Doubles!!!


Number of players needed:

3 or more

Needed to play:

2 dice, a cup, alcohol, and a table

How to play:

The object of the game is to roll both dice and get a 7, 11, or doubles in order to give out drinks. Everyone gathers around the table in a circle and place a cup in the center. Fill the cup up about a quarter of the way. The game starts by having one person roll the dice. If they do not get a 7, 11, or double then the dice are passed to the player to their left for their turn to roll. If the person starting gets a 7, 11, or double then they choose someone to drink the cup. As soon as the player chose to drink, touches the cup with their hand, the person who rolled they 7, 11, or double has to grab the dice and attempt to roll another 7, 11, or double before the player finishes the cup. If the person drinking finishes the cup before a 7, 11, or double is rolled the dice go to the next player and the cup is to be refilled. If the player rolling gets a 7, 11, or double before the player drinking finishes, then the cup is refilled and the two players attempt the same thing. This is repeated until the player drinking the cup finishes before the player rolling gets a 7, 11, or double, or before  the people involved are to drunk to know what is going on . Which ever comes first.



The player drinking can try to move the cup closer using objects, this way the player rolling cannot pick up the dice and start rolling. Once any body part touches the cup then the player rolling can proceed.

Another player can jump in and drink the cup for the player who was chosen to drink it. If this happens then the game is between the player who jumped in and the player rolling the dice.



-Jai Herod, Analytics

The Edison: “A Hidden Gem”

Have you ever wanted to go back in time? To a different place, a different era. To experience a culture very different from your own. To get completely lost in a moment, to forget where you are, what day it is, and to simply enjoy and reminisce upon the past. Well, have I got the metaphorical time machine for you! The Edison in downtown LA, deemed “One of LA’s Swankiest night spots” by Conde Nast Traveler, is an inexorable treat. A feast for the eyes, ears, and taste-buds, this unique “industrial cathedral” is set in LA’s first private power plant which was built in 1910. This place will literally sweep you off your feet and transport you to a different era. The Old Hollywood Glamour atmosphere invites guests to dress the part and have a simply lovely time. 

This place is a bit pricey, but they have a spectacular Happy Hour which is Wed-Fri, 5-7pm. You can indulge in up to 40% savings on selected drinks and food items. Take advantage of their 35 cent martinis and $5 food specials such as the sliders with fries.

They also have special events, performances, and you can even host your own party. On a Wednesday or Thursday, to reserve a table the “per person minimum” is only $25. This minimum jumps up to $50 on a Friday or Saturday (and don’t forget about the 18% gratuity), but I must say this is one place you just HAVE to experience.

I went with a group of friends and we reserved a table in the Tesla Room. I ordered “The Mistress” which is a vodka drink with hibiscus liquor and other exotic flavors (as shown in the picture to the right, it’s the pretty pink drink), “The Edison” which features bourbon and pear brandy, and the “Eye of the Beholder” which is a blend of tequila, lemon, and jalepeno (a spicy, unique cocktail indeed). We also ordered some of their absolutely delicious food. I had the fresh baked Bavarian pretzel which is served with a fluffy white cheese sauce for dipping. Some of the other things ordered include the Truffled Mac n Cheese and the Corn Fritters.

As if what we ordered wasn’t enough, we had to get a bottle of Absinthe from the Absinthe Fairy. A lovely young lady wearing gilded fairy wings wheels around a cart of diverse bottles of absinthe (featured in the photo, it’s the bottle topped with the cork) available for purchase. So, we all shared a shot of absinthe and it really set the night off.

This place is truly something memorable. It is literally hidden in an alley, so be sure get directions ahead of time. If you are ever in downtown LA or just want something fun to do check out The Edison, see what all the buzz is about! It is located at 108 W 2nd St #101 Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Also, check out their AMAZING website. If my post doesn’t get you in the mood to visit this extraordinary place, the website definitely will. Check it out! http://www.edisondowntown.com/

I definitely want to go here again soon and hopefully you will want to experience this place too!


Angela Wagner, Editor

Source: http://liveentertainmentla.com/2011/11/edison/


Deal of the Day: RA Sushi for “Mardi RA”

Who likes sushi?! I know I do, and RA Sushi is amazing. The atmosphere, fresh, delicious food, and zesty drinks are only some of the reasons to come eat and drink at RA Sushi. Today only they are hosting a “Mardi RA” Party in honor of Mardi Gras from 7 p.m. til close.

Some of their specials for today include the following:

$7 Spicy Chicken & Shishito Green Necklace
$8 Chili Shrimp Roll
$9 Spicy Kalbi Beef

$8 Southern Julep
$8 HurRAcane

If you are not much of a sushi fan they also have “Bento Boxes”, Terriyaki bowls, and miso soup among other things.

Their drinks are also fabulous here and for a limited time (until Feb. 29th) they have 3 “skinny” cocktails as shown below which include the Lychee-teenie, Skinny Ninja, and Thin Ginger. Each of these tasty, yet less caloric drinks is only $8.

So if you are not busy tonight, head on over to RA sushi for their Mardi RA party. Be sure to dress in your best Mardi Gras gear, beads and all! There will be a DJ spinning some beats, good food for you to share with friends, and fantastic drinks of course! Happy Tuesday and Mardi Gras Day to everyone!

Let us know how you are spending your Tuesday, leave us a comment below!


Angela Wagner, Editor

Source: http://rasushi.com/


If you are looking for a good time then giddy-on-up to Saddle Ranch Chophouse in Hollywood. With a mechanical bull (which I did ride), fantastic food ranging from Jalepeno Mac-n-Cheese to their famous sweet potato fries, huge drinks, and an overall exciting atmosphere this place will NOT disappoint.

What makes this place so great? Welllll, the following are just a few of the nifty things you can order: DIY Smores (they have outside fire-pits where you can roast marshmallows and make your own Smores), shareable cotton candy in an extremely oversized martini glass, and specialty drinks like their delicious raspberry kamikaze shots.

When I went I got the Mai Tai which was very strong. I also tried the raspberry kamikaze shots and devoured their sweet potato fries which is served with a yummy, ooey, gooey, marshmallow-ey sauce and spicy ketchup.

This place is a little pricey, but it is definitely worth it. They also have valet parking for less than $4, and if you have ever been to Hollywood you will know that $4 for parking is a great deal!

So what are you waiting for? Round up some cowboys or cowgirls and head on down to Saddle Ranch in Hollywood! They also have a location at Universal City Walk if you would rather go there.


Angela Wagner, Editor

Check out their menu and more at:


Margarita Mondays


Ughhhh.. The dreadful start of the week, Mondays. But never fear because we are here to make sure that you start the week off right. And what better way to do that than to drink the night away at Acapulco where it’s Margarita Monday. Get your Agave fix for a mere $2.50 for house margaritas and $2.75 for fruit margaritas. If you come in during Happy Hour from 3:00pm – 7:00pm, you can also enjoy reduced priced admissions (in the Cantina only). So for about $10-$15 you can get a few drinks, some tasty mexican food, and still have enough money left over to leave a generous tip. The closest Acapulco Restaurant to UCR is located at: 12625 Frederick St. Moreno Valley, CA.

Until next time… Cheers!

Source: Acapulco
Picture: TheGreatPlate

Taco Tuesdays at Cabo Cantina!

Yesterday was a little unusual for a Tuesday night, and I ended up at Cabo Cantina in Hollywood.

Not only is there a happy hour 4-8 daily, there’s an additional happy hour M-Th that goes until 12. 2-for-1 drinks, All You Can Eat tacos, a friendly atmosphere, and a D.J.? Have I got your attention?

I ordered the Puerto Vallarta , 2 for the price of 1, and it didn’t disappoint. In fact my friends liked it and more rounds of the same one were ordered. The Cancun was not bad either and they have a good selection of beers too.

My point is, the happy hour deals are good, the vibe is good,the variety of drinks is good, you know you want to try it! The downside? Good luck finding where to sit on weekends.

They’ve got a deal for everyday of the week so you won’t be disappointed! Better yet they’ve got 7 locations. If you need a night to unwind and Cabo’s within reach… Do it!


– Eduardo Sandoval, Blog Administrator/Designer

pictures source: www.thecabocantina.com