Drinking Good in the Neighborhood (2 of 2)

Tonight I learned something very important; never rely on the information of a friend experiencing a hangover. LOL! In yesterdays post I mentioned I would be attending Happy Hour at Applebee’s from 6-9 (wrong information provided by friend with hangover.) Come to find out, Applebee’s Happy Hour is 3-6 and 9-close daily. Luckily, I arrived 45 minutes early and ready to get to work. My first assignment was a Main Street ‘Rita. I found it to be surprisingly strong. However, I am known as a lightweight. LOL. The “Ritas” were priced well at $3.50 and can be personalized with a variety of flavors for an additional $.50. I also took advantage of the ½ priced appetizers. I highly recommend the Chicken WonTon Tacos.


– James Applewhite II, Blog Administrator/Designer


Drinking Good in the Neighborhood (1 of 2)

Just completed a long day of school and an even longer day of work. Luckily tomorrow is Thursday, which just so happens to be my Friday!! Earlier a friend told me about drink specials at Applebee’s from 6-9 on Thursdays that come with a relaxation guarantee. I’ll check it out, gather all the details and report back to you all…until then, Cheers!!

– James Applewhite II, Blog Administrator/Designer