Sunday: Rest & Relaxation

So, we’ve all been there (most of us at least). The day after a long night of drinking. The day when your headache and nausea torment you and deter you from doing anything fun or worthwhile. All you want to do is sleep to avoid the horrid reality of this nasty hangover. Well, I have stumbled upon 11 ways to ease a hangover, what works, what doesn’t and why, as presented by Men’s Health. Among the tricks of the trade are the following:

Water: Yes, of course it does seem obvious, but something you may have not considered is when to drink it. The morning after is too late so next time you want to fall into bed after a crazy night make sure you down at least 16 oz of water. It is also recommended that you drink one glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you consume while you are out on the town. Also, if you are feeling too queasy the day after to drink water… watermelon could be your new best friend!

Greasy food: For some reason those greasy yet delectable curly fries from Jack in the Box sound oh so good when you feel miserable after drinking. However, as stated in the Men’s Health article it’s not what you eat after but before drinking that really matters. I’m sure we have all learned that drinking on an empty stomach is no bueno!

Rest: This is something I am adding onto here myself because it is really the only way (for me at least) to feel better. Take two Advil, drink some water or blue Gatorade, eat some watermelon and maybe some toast and just knock out!

The NUMBER ONE best way to alleviate hangover pains is to PREVENT it. Make sure you eat, drink lots of water, and know your limit! For the lucky ones out there who do not get hangovers, I envy you!

What are your hangover “fixes” or “cures”?? Let us know in the comments below!

Here’s to a wonderful day of rest, relaxation, and water!


Angela Wagner, Editor