Drink of the Day: Absinthe Irish

So St. Patty’s day is right around the corner and approaching soon!  St. Patrick’s Day cocktails should probably start with Irish Whiskey, but the Absinthe Irish from Le Tourment Vert is to tasty to pass up. So why not? Go Absinthe this St. Patrick’s Day!


  • 1 ½ oz Tourment absinthe
  • ½ oz Cointreau
  • ½ oz Midori
  • 1/3 oz pineapple juice
  • 1/3 oz sweet and sour
  • 1/3 oz Red Bull

Instructions:  Shake well in a shaker filled with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry.


Hala,Social Media Marketer

Source: Barkeep, http://www.drinkoftheweek.com/drink_recipes/absinthe-irish/


Drink of the Day: Appletini

Everyone loves an Appletini right?! I know I do! The sultry green color and delicious sour apple taste always leaves me satisfied. Come on, I know all you tough fellas out there would even like this drink. It’s so easy to make and yet so very tasty and rewarding. Ingredients:

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz green-apple schnapps


  1. Pour the ingredients into cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Now wasn’t that simple? So whether you are entertaining or it’s just a party for one, mix it up and enjoy this simple, yet classic martini.


Angela Wagner, Editor

Source: http://cocktails.about.com/od/cocktailrecipes/r/apple_mrtni.htm

Taco Tuesday…El Torito Style

It would seem I’m a fan of Taco Tuesdays with a side of get-your-drink-on, and that would be right. Some of you may remember a certain post about Taco Tuesdays at Cabo Cantina in Hollywood, which I still highly recommend. Today it’s much closer, at the Riverside Plaza for you UCR students.

What place is it? El Torito! They’ve got dollar tacos from 4-10p.m. and a large selection of drinks for $3 from 2-8p.m. You tell the waiter/waitress how many tacos you want and they bring back a slip with the number printed on them. You get in a buffet style line and you’re given the choice of corn or flour tortillas and you choose between steak, chicken, or carnitas. Past that you have your condiments table, where you can spice up your tacos to your taste. Not bad for a buck a taco!

But tacos are not what we’re all about. You want to have your cake and eat it too right… Well your visit wouldn’t be complete without a few drinks to unwind. Monday through Friday, they have happy hour from 2-8 where their original golden margaritas, well drinks, domestic drafts, and wine are each $3! Maybe you don’t want tacos? Come in any weekday and you’ll still get a good deal on something to snack on while you enjoy your drinks. It’s a win-win, no matter when you come. Otherwise enjoy your drinks and the complimentary chips and salsa.

Alright, so there’s a caveat, and I wouldn’t want to send you in without letting you know. These specials are only available in the cantina section of the restaurant and in the outside area, BUT that’s no problem, though sometimes it will get busy and you’ll have to search for your table. The atmosphere is decidedly better, the rest of the restaurant is a bit on the sad and pathetic side. 😉


-Eduardo, Administrator/Designer


Things to Do in Inland Empire

El Torito

Deal of the Day: RA Sushi for “Mardi RA”

Who likes sushi?! I know I do, and RA Sushi is amazing. The atmosphere, fresh, delicious food, and zesty drinks are only some of the reasons to come eat and drink at RA Sushi. Today only they are hosting a “Mardi RA” Party in honor of Mardi Gras from 7 p.m. til close.

Some of their specials for today include the following:

$7 Spicy Chicken & Shishito Green Necklace
$8 Chili Shrimp Roll
$9 Spicy Kalbi Beef

$8 Southern Julep
$8 HurRAcane

If you are not much of a sushi fan they also have “Bento Boxes”, Terriyaki bowls, and miso soup among other things.

Their drinks are also fabulous here and for a limited time (until Feb. 29th) they have 3 “skinny” cocktails as shown below which include the Lychee-teenie, Skinny Ninja, and Thin Ginger. Each of these tasty, yet less caloric drinks is only $8.

So if you are not busy tonight, head on over to RA sushi for their Mardi RA party. Be sure to dress in your best Mardi Gras gear, beads and all! There will be a DJ spinning some beats, good food for you to share with friends, and fantastic drinks of course! Happy Tuesday and Mardi Gras Day to everyone!

Let us know how you are spending your Tuesday, leave us a comment below!


Angela Wagner, Editor

Source: http://rasushi.com/

Valentine’s Day for Singles

So by now you’re probably wondering, “What am I going to do tonight? I don’t have a date.” Well just think of it this way, what would you being doing on a typical Tuesday night? If you normally just stay home or do something crazy like study, you could do that… or you can be a little adventurous and get out.

You can try hitting up a local bar like Killarney’s Restaurant & Irish Pub located at 3639 Riverside Plaza Dr. Ste 532 Riverside, CA where they will be having an “Anti-Valentine’s Day Party.” And if you’re really looking for some excitement, get there before 8:00pm for Speed Dating.

If you want something a little more laid back, you can try Lounge Thirty Three located at 3639 Riverside Plaza Dr. Ste 530 Riverside, CA where it’s Tuesday Boozeday. $5 Bud Light tall cans while a DJ spins your favorite alternative music. Lounges are a great place to meet new people and have conversations so you might want to check it out.

My final suggestion would be to call up all your other single friends (I mean, you can’t be the ONLY one… right?) and do something together. Ladies… get all dressed up with your friends and hit the town. Make those guys turn their heads as you walk past them. Fellas… as Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother would say, “SUIT UP!” Anytime you’re out with your guy friends, you’re bound to have a good time, not to mention everyone could use a wing man.

Of course, you can always stay home and watch Twilight or The Notebook… but that’s no fun.

Until next time… Cheers!

Anand, Social Media Marketing

Source: free-extras & operationtshirt

Taco Tuesdays at Cabo Cantina!

Yesterday was a little unusual for a Tuesday night, and I ended up at Cabo Cantina in Hollywood.

Not only is there a happy hour 4-8 daily, there’s an additional happy hour M-Th that goes until 12. 2-for-1 drinks, All You Can Eat tacos, a friendly atmosphere, and a D.J.? Have I got your attention?

I ordered the Puerto Vallarta , 2 for the price of 1, and it didn’t disappoint. In fact my friends liked it and more rounds of the same one were ordered. The Cancun was not bad either and they have a good selection of beers too.

My point is, the happy hour deals are good, the vibe is good,the variety of drinks is good, you know you want to try it! The downside? Good luck finding where to sit on weekends.

They’ve got a deal for everyday of the week so you won’t be disappointed! Better yet they’ve got 7 locations. If you need a night to unwind and Cabo’s within reach… Do it!


– Eduardo Sandoval, Blog Administrator/Designer

pictures source: www.thecabocantina.com