Are you feeling a little crazy?!!


If you answered yes and you’re looking for a way to let your hair down, boy do I have just the place for you. That place is called Crazy Horse Live. This restaurant, bar, and club combo has what it takes to serve up some fun with a side of CRAZY!!! On Thursday the fun starts at age 18 and moves on up.


The Crazy Horse has been in business for 25 years. Now under new management, it is back and crazier than ever. For those of you that are of age, bottle service is also available.





For specials and details contact Crazy Horse @ 626-338-6002 or email

1360 W. Garvey Ave
West Covina, CA 91790

So stop on by and don’t miss out on your chance to go CRAZY!!!!



Jia Clark, Editor


Family Fun for Adults Too…But How!?

Who says that when it’s kids day out you cant have fun as well?!!

If you are looking for some family fun and an all around good time, stop by John’s Incredible Pizza Company.  Yes, John’s Incredible Pizza Company!! This place has a host of games, rides, and activities for the whole family, including a bowling alley, mini golf, laser maze, bumper cars, and even a spinning swing ride. Did I mention the food and drinks are well… INCREDIBLE!!!

On the Menu…

John’s offers a buffet fully equipped with a full pasta and salad bar, dessert, and exotic pizza choices such as Macaroni and Cheese Pizza, Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza, and Garlic Pesto Pepperoni…

The Bar also offers a good selection of wine and beer…

Which means even MORE FUN for you (and the other adults in the party).

So the next time you have to baby-sit or have family in town take the matter of fun into your own hands, suggest John’s Incredible Pizza Company!


-James, Blog Administrator/Designer

Drink of the Day: Pink Panties

So one day I was at home chilling with my cousin and she said, “I sure could use some Pink Panties.” Perplexed, I responded, “I think Victoria’s Secret is having their 5 for $25 sale otherwise I can’t help you.” She laughed and responded “No stupid…the drink.” I laughed and said, “Well how do you make it and will it cost a lot? Because I’m a student on a budget!” She said, “It’s so easy.” And it was well worth it…


1 Can of frozen pink lemonade mix

1 Bottle of your favorite Vodka or Gin

1 tablespoon of Cool Whip


Strawberries (Optional)


First fill a blender about 2/3 of the way with ice. Add a little less than half the can of pink lemonade. Next, add a tablespoon of Cool Whip and blend. The end result should be a thick creamy delight. If not, just add more ice. Also you can add strawberries for a compliment of flavor. Enjoy!!!

So the next time you’re at home yearning for something cool to drink just whip up some Pink Panties!!

But remember…

Pink Panties

NOT Pink Panties!!!!
Jia , Editor

Thank Goodness Its Thursday At TGI Friday’s

Calling All Bartenders!!!! Have you ever watched the movie” Cocktail” and said that you could do a better job than Tom Cruise? If so Fridays is the “Thirsty Thursday” place for you!!! Right now with their “Turn Cocktails into Cash” campaign, Friday’s is looking for a hit new drink.  The rules are simple if you turn in a drink recipe by February 26,2012 you could receive a check for $2012 or a Fridays Gift card for $250 or $500. Other rules and restrictions apply.  Not to mention happy hours at Fridays offer drink specials, good food, and a great time!  Happy Hour is Mon – Sat 3pm to 7pm and then again 10pm to closing, also on Sunday Happy Hour is all day!!!! Oh and by the way, try the Ultimate Electric Lemonade its pretty amazing!!!

* The Liquor Cabinets Administrative team reminds you to please drink responsibly

~ Cheers