Deal of the Day: RA Sushi for “Mardi RA”

Who likes sushi?! I know I do, and RA Sushi is amazing. The atmosphere, fresh, delicious food, and zesty drinks are only some of the reasons to come eat and drink at RA Sushi. Today only they are hosting a “Mardi RA” Party in honor of Mardi Gras from 7 p.m. til close.

Some of their specials for today include the following:

$7 Spicy Chicken & Shishito Green Necklace
$8 Chili Shrimp Roll
$9 Spicy Kalbi Beef

$8 Southern Julep
$8 HurRAcane

If you are not much of a sushi fan they also have “Bento Boxes”, Terriyaki bowls, and miso soup among other things.

Their drinks are also fabulous here and for a limited time (until Feb. 29th) they have 3 “skinny” cocktails as shown below which include the Lychee-teenie, Skinny Ninja, and Thin Ginger. Each of these tasty, yet less caloric drinks is only $8.

So if you are not busy tonight, head on over to RA sushi for their Mardi RA party. Be sure to dress in your best Mardi Gras gear, beads and all! There will be a DJ spinning some beats, good food for you to share with friends, and fantastic drinks of course! Happy Tuesday and Mardi Gras Day to everyone!

Let us know how you are spending your Tuesday, leave us a comment below!


Angela Wagner, Editor



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