Drink of the Day: Back to Basics

Sometimes you don’t have time to go out to have a good drink, or don’t have time for all that mixing and blending and straining…or maybe I’m just feeling lazy 😛

Whatever the reason consider the following drinks. They are easy to make, go down smooth, and if it’s a buzz you’re looking for, they are sure not to disappoint.

My all time favorite is Bacardi Gold Rum with Coke. You can just pour it and enjoy, don’t forget the ice.

Try the same Rum with Ginger Ale for something different. Bam! It’s that simple, and you have drink numero dos!

This last drink has quickly become one of my favorite simple pleasures,  although I have to be careful with it . Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey with Dr. Pepper. Let me tell you I was not expecting this to be so good, but I was hooked!

I usually add about a shot of liquor and fill the remainder of my glass with the other drink, but it’s all up to taste and how light or strong you like your drinks.

Enjoy, but most importantly, drink responsibly.


-Eduardo, Administrator/Designer


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