Drink of the Day: Chocolate Cake Shot

Since today is a very special day (it is the birthday of one of our fabulous bloggers, Andy) I decided that the “Chocolate Cake Shot” was the perfect drink recipe for today. It is really easy to make, but you do need the special ingredients.


1/2 oz Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur
1/2 oz vodka
sugar and lemon wedge

To make this fancy shot you just mix the Frangelico and vodka together in a shaker with ice. Dip the rim of the shot glass in lemon and coat with sugar. Coat the lemon wedge with sugar as well. Pour the shot mixture into the glass. To drink: lick the rim coated with sugar, shoot it, and bite into the sugary coated lemon immediately after. You will be so amazed how this literally tastes like chocolate cake.

ENJOY this fabulous treat! And Happy Birthday to our fellow blogger Andy!!!

Let’s get Chocolate Wasted!


Angela Wagner, Editor


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