Happy Hour at Gyu Kaku!

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ restaurant and it was my time to finally experience the greatness. All   my friends have been there before and raved about the delicious food and more importantly, how great their happy hour is!

Monday: Happy hour all day long

Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm-6:30pm & 8:30pm- last call

Friday: 12pm-6:30pm & 9pm- last call

Saturday: 11am-6:30pm & 9pm- last call

I went to the Gyu Kaku in Rancho Cucamonga on a Wednesday night and was recommended to make reservations and good thing we did because it was packed! We were seated within five minutes upon arrival and the smell in the air alone made my mouth water. As we are seated, I noticed at the center of every table was a grill where we would cook our own meat. Our waiter was extremely friendly and immediately told us about their happy hour specials and what his favorite dishes were. We started off with Yakishabu beef, garlic shrimp, bistro harami miso, Kalbi chuck garlic, and a $7 pitcher of Sapporo. All the meats were marinated to perfection but the portions were very little for the price, so I recommend getting their all you can eat for only $25.

My favorite meats were the garlic shrimp and the Kalbi chuck garlic because of the strong, delicious flavors and who knew cooking your own food at a restaurant could be so much fun! The atmosphere was inviting and everyone around was there for one reason, to have a good time. We finish up our night with another pitcher of Sapporo and Nigori Sake for only $7 and you know what that means, SAKE BOMBS!

Gyu Kaku showed me a great time and I am definitely coming back! Check out their happy hour menu, http://www.gyu-kaku.com/menu/ca_rc/rc_sp.pdf. So next time you’re in Rancho Cucamonga, make sure you stop by Gyu Kaku because I most certainly fell in love.


-Christine, SEO/Analyst


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