Deal of the Day: Casa de Pico

Casa de Pico Mexican Restaurant

Is your wallet hurting from yesterdays Valentine’s day festivities?  Well have no fear, Casa de Pico is here!

The Casa de Pico in San Diego has a bomb happy hour from 3pm-7pm, serving over 50 of the most popular tequilas for about $5-10. Their house margaritas are delicious and come in many different flavors such as lemon-lime, strawberry, raspberry, peach, or banana. Wells drinks, variety of beer, and cocktails are all at special happy hour prices.  The deals don’t stop there! If you purchase any CANTINA drink, you get access to their complimentary snack buffet. So while you’re getting your drink on, unlimited snacks are provided!

If post Valentine’s day got you on a budget, Casa de Pico is the answer to your problems. See you there and Happy Wednesday!


-Christine, SEO/Analyst



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