Saturday Night in Hollywood!!!

Saturday nights in Hollywood never tend to disappoint. I was lucky enough to get invited to a club in Hollywood by one of my dearest friends, Chelsea. We went to a place called XIV. I was under the impression that it was a full fledged club, however it was more of a bar/lounge that played great music. I actually enjoyed this atmosphere much more than a club because it wasn’t jam-packed or hot inside AND I still got to dance.

We got in for free since we were on the guest list and upon arrival we ordered two drinks by telling the bartender to make us something sweet and with Vodka. It was pricey, $24 for 2 drinks (and they were not very big), but for Los Angeles/Hollywood I think that’s a decent price. Luckily we had begun drinking before and took taxis to get there.

Overall I really enjoyed the atmosphere of XIV and I would definitely consider coming again and would recommend it to everyone. The music was fun, the crowd was diverse, and the whole layout of the place was really upscale. The outside terrace area was a really nice contrast to the dark and loud, yet fun interior.

So, if you are ever in Hollywood check out XIV!


Angela Wagner, Editor



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